Meet our team of coaches, ready to whip you into shape, the best health of your life or simply burn that cupcake off.
uniigym coach allan wu

Allan Wu

Host, actor, model, and personal trainer. As a man wearing many hats, Allan is a big believer in living life to the fullest, and that goes for his fitness routines too.

Spurred by his passion for taking ownership of one’s health, he became licensed as a personal trainer over 20 years ago. This may come as a surprise, but Allan’s physique is the result of a highly active lifestyle since high school and a preference for a healthy diet.

During his downtime or globetrotting periods, he relishes the much-needed rest amidst his busy filming schedules. Once home, he goes straight back into his usual workout routines. The middle-ground approach has kept him in the best shape and health.

Expect travel-friendly and easily modified exercises from the abs-olutely seasoned traveller.

uniigym coach mai hatasa
Mai Hatasa

Hailing from Japan, Mai is a cheerful and active person who loves nature and sports.

Since circuit breaker, she has been practising yoga almost daily, changing her outlook on the simplest things in life. Her newfound passion helped her develop a positive attitude and continues to inspire her to maintain a healthier lifestyle & diet.

Her mantra of believing the mind and body are closely connected, and the importance of taking good care of both is empowering. She loves sharing her learnings with others and assisting them to enjoy good health and happiness through yoga.

Her free time is spent mostly outdoors with her family, especially the two active boys. She loves travelling too, and snowboarding is a must on home visits during winter.

uniigym coach gavin fletcher
Gavin Fletcher

Gavin is a personal coach driven by his goal of looking good and feeling good. As a result, exercise has been his deepest hobby since he was young.

As an ex-cabin crew, Gavin enjoys meeting and engaging with people. His favourite sports include football and tennis. Personal training is the best of both worlds for him, as he gets to share his passion for staying active while meeting new people.

As one of our resident coaches at Uniigym and AIBI Maxwell, Gavin describes his style of training to be both fun and focused-driven, ensuring that you maximise your potential yet enjoy the process at the same time. His intense workouts will get your heart pumping as he challenges you to perform your best.

uniigym coach cheryl wong
Cheryl Wong

Cheryl’s dancing journey began in her schooling days, and she’s never looked back. Her outlook on a healthy body and mind led her to dance fitness, a perfect combination of fun and fit.

Being in her 50s and staying active has kept her in the pink of health, and she hopes to share her vicarious appetite for life with you.

With almost 10 years of conducting dance fitness classes, Cheryl’s energetic routines will get your heart pumping. So get ready to dance to better health!

She is a licensed personal trainer under the National Council on Strength & Fitness and the Athletics and Fitness Association of America.